Executive Officer

Claudia Fatone

Administration and Client Services Officer: Tori Diamond
Finance Officer: Albert Kuan
Finance Assistant: Tuvan Vuong
Law Handbook Editor: Naomi Saligari
Volunteer Coordinator: Julie Fletcher

Legal Practice

Principal Solicitor: Meghan Fitzgerald
Senior Criminal Lawyer: Emily Buchanan
Family Lawyer (Family Law Accredited Specialist): Amre Levy
Solicitor Advocate (Criminal Law Accredited Specialist): Natasha Wolan
Senior Community Lawyer, Neighbourhood Justice Centre Jess Porter
Community Lawyer, Neighbourhood Justice Centre: Galit Aflalo
Family Lawyer, Neighbourhood Justice Centre: Ella Crotty
Drug Outreach Lawyer: Hollie Golding
Senior Lawyer and Night Service Manager (Monday-Thursday): Adrian Snodgrass
Trainee Lawyer 2015: Laura Wilson  
Night Service Coordinator (Friday): Mark Rawlings

Social Action

Social Action, Policy & Law Reform Manager: Meghan Fitzgerald
Community Development Officer: Ela Stewart