Free legal advice service

We run a free, drop-in legal advice service. It is held every weeknight from 6 p.m (Monday to Thursday) and 6.30 p.m (Friday) - except on public holidays and during the Christmas/New Year period as advertised. Due to current high demand, no new clients are seen after 7.00 p.m. There are no appointments. Bring all of your documents - these must be in hard copy format only. We have access to interpreters.

We can provide legal advice in most areas of law. If we cannot provide legal advice, we will provide information and do our best to refer you to the help you need.

We cannot provide legal advice in relation to family law property matters.  For those matters, please call (03) 9419 3744 to make an appointment for our Family Law Clinics

We cannot assist with immigration matters (including visas). For those matters, please contact the Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre or Victoria Legal Aid.