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Forum gives community workers a practical understanding of the laws they need to know - 11/02/15

Community workers forums being run by Fitzroy Legal Centre and delivered across metropolitan and regional Victoria in 2015 promise to give people working on the front line with a greater practical understanding of the law. > More

Have the law in your hands even when you are on the go - 29/01/15

Got a copy of the Law Handbook 2015 but find it difficult to carry around with you when you need it the most? Do you want the convenience of having the law at your fingertips but finding it a battle to juggle the law handbook between court or the classroom? We have the perfect solution for you – get the The Law Handbook 2015 e-book today. > More

Reconnect with Fitzroy Legal Service - 16/12/14

Fitzroy Legal Service owes its existence to all those who worked so hard to make it what it is today: a proud, community service offering both free and affordable legal assistance to those who need it most. > More

Mentors help bring the law to disadvantaged women - 02/12/14

Robyn Wall says that without the volunteer mentors that kindly give their time and efforts to help vulnerable women in the City of Yarra many would fall through the gaps in the criminal justice system. > More

Need to know the law? Buy The Law Handbook 2015 - 25/11/14

The Law Handbook 2015 is now available to buy online. If you need an up-to-date guide to the law in Victoria then buy The Law Handbook. Updated by over 80 legal experts. > More

Taxi drivers get crash course in legal rights

Cab drivers in Melbourne's north are getting a crash course into their legal rights and obligations thanks to an innovative community education program being undertaken by the Fitzroy Legal Service. > More

NDIS Rights Resource

Three Community Legal Centres from across Australia have joined forces to develop a comprehensive online rights resource for people accessing or wishing to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS. > More

Put the law in your hands - 05/11/14

The 2015 edition provides updates to several areas of the law, and is a valuable resource for people with many different interests: lawyers, teachers, students, community workers and members of the community facing legal issues. > More

Law Handbook 2015 now on sale

The Law Handbook 2015 features information on a wide range of topics including tenancy, consumer protection, bankruptcy, discrimination, education, family, internet, environmental and employment laws - plus more. Revised and updated by more than 80 legal experts. > More

FLS participation in the East West Link Project Litigation

The Fitzroy Legal Service assists thousands of individuals each year through a range of direct legal assistance services and through publications such as The Law Handbook. We recently initiated a new family law evening legal advice clinic in partnership with the Neighbourhood Justice Centre and will shortly commence an outreach at St Mary's House of Welcome. Fitzroy Legal Service relies heavily on the generosity of hundreds of individuals who volunteer their time to assist the community through our services. The East West Link project is a significant issue for our local residents. The Fitzroy Legal Service has over forty years history in serving the local community on issues impacting them, including through public interest litigation which is facilitated through the goodwill, commitment and pro bono assistance of the legal profession. Fitzroy Legal Service is not incurring any out of pocket costs and disbursements in relation to this matter, and our engagement will not impact on our service delivery. The case is being run in partnership with Shine Lawyers, and senior and junior counsel are providing support on a pro bono basis. We expect expert evidence will not be on a pro bono basis and community support will be engaged in fundraising. This is a legal challenge based on the law, and our support is to facilitate access to justice in a matter of considerable importance to the community we serve. Citizens have a right to access justice through legal processes, and to obtain legal representation of their choice. This case is a community driven initiative, supported by a large number of community groups. Claudia Fatone Executive Officer > More

Proceedings to be lodged in East West Project

Proceedings will be commenced today (Tuesday 22 April 2014) in the Supreme Court against the Victorian Government and Linking Melbourne Authority, alleging -misleading conduct- over the claimed benefits of the project. > More


Unprecedented demand from families needing legal advice has prompted the Fitzroy Legal Service (FLS) to open a new, free evening clinic at the Neighbourhood Justice Centre (NJC) in Collingwood on top of its Thursday night service in Fitzroy. > More

FLS eNewsletter - 23/01/14

The inaugural FLS quarterly eNewsletter is now available. Click on the link to read the December 2013 issue and join the mailing list. > More

The Law Handbook 2014 has arrived!

The Law Handbook has a new fresh look for 2014 with a comprehensively revised glossary and newly annotated list of cases. Order your copies online from the Fitzroy Legal Service online Bookshop. > More

Fitzroy Legal Service acknowledges critical role of volunteers - 03/12/13

Fitzroy Legal Service is celebrating International Volunteer Day (5 December) by urging everyone in the community to take a moment to ask someone they know about their volunteering work. > More

Fitzroy Legal Service Annual Report 2012-2013

The Fitzroy Legal Service Annual Report was tabled at the recent Annual General Meeting, held in the Edinburgh Gardens Community Room on Thursday 24th October 2013. > More

Become a member of FLS and contribute directly to the local community through participating in our committees - 04/02/13

You will also be informed of our ongoing events and activities. > More