The Fitzroy Legal Service established the Save our Friday campaign due to cuts to Commonwealth funding that were to take effect on 1 July 2017.

The Fitzroy Legal Service was set to lose approximately $40,000 as a result of these funding cuts.

On Monday 24 April 2017, the Commonwealth Government announced a decision to reverse the impending funding cuts to Community Legal Centres nationally. We welcome this.

HOWEVER, it is still UNCLEAR whether Fitzroy Legal Service will receive ANY of this additional funding and if we do, whether this new funding will be directed towards specific services.

THEREFORE, we have decided that it is prudent to plan for the worst case scenario and continue the Save Our Friday Campaign to raise $40,000 by 30 June 2017.

We have initially set our Pozible Campaign Goal to $10,000 because this is an ‘all-or-nothing’ campaign.

SHOULD Fitzroy Legal Service receive some of the new funding announced on 24 April AND this funding is able to be directed towards the free evening legal advice service, we have identified a number of important projects to use the funds raised in the Save Our Friday Campaign (in order of priority):

SOUND-PROOFING INTERVIEW ROOMS - enhancing our operating environment for clients and volunteers. Current interview rooms are not wholly sound-proofed which creates challenges when discussing a client’s legal situation, which can often include sensitive issues around Child Protection, Youth Crime and Family Violence ($13,000);

VOLUNTEER TRAINING - A Volunteer Support project for our 300 plus volunteers. The project would develop enhanced training and resources around family violence for night service volunteers, and improve systems, processes and support for Day Service Volunteers ($10,000);

MODERNISING FILING - Archiving, digitizing and cataloguing Fitzroy Legal Service public interest files and historical records currently in off-site storage to enable our significant history to be documented and used in advocacy and funding submission work ($10,000); and

MODERNISING IT - Updating our IT system to enhance capacity and strengthen data recovery ($7,000).

You CAN make a difference! Every dollar counts, whether it's $2, $10, $100 or more!

In 2015/2016 we assisted 3,625 clients in the free legal advice service. Reducing services will severely impact people’s access to justice.


Currently around 15 people a day or about 3,500 people a year access the free legal advice service. Reducing services will mean that hundreds, potentially thousands, will miss out on vital legal assistance services each year.


  • Pledge to make a tax-deductible donation or
  • Pledge $50 and be rewarded with a Law Handbook eBook (delivered by 30 June) or
  • Pledge $5 and be rewarded with a Law Handbook eChapter (delivered by 30 June).

Every dollar counts, whether it’s $2, $10, $100 or more.

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