Fitzroy Legal Service publishes The Law Handbook 2017

Fitzroy Legal Service today published the 39th edition of The Law Handbook. The new edition of The Law Handbook contains updated entries for multiple areas of the law, and contains two new chapters: trade marks and sex work. The Law Handbook 2017 can be purchased from our online store or at our office at the Fitzroy Town Hall.

The Law Handbook explains Victorian law simply and concisely in plain language so legal concepts are accessible to all members of our community. It contains a wealth of legal knowledge; over 80 legal practitioners – including magistrates, commissioners, ombudsmen, barristers and lawyers who are accredited specialists in their area of law – contribute to this publication.

The Law Handbook has been recognised as an important legal resource for legal practitioners. It covers a diverse range of topics and gives a straightforward overview of each area. Having been around for 39 years, it has established itself as a reliable source of up-to-date information.

One of the new chapters added to The Law Handbook details the rights of sex workers. Offensive behaviour towards sex workers is now illegal in Victoria, while forcing someone to engage in sex work is punishable by up to 10 years in jail. The Law Handbook explains the risks of living on the earnings of unlicensed sex work and where to go for more help.

The accessibility of The Law Handbook’s content is one of the reasons it remains so popular. ‘Making this legal resource available is one of the very important ways that Fitzroy Legal Service continues to provide services to the community at a time of growing need,’ said Fitzroy Legal Service’s Executive Officer Claudia Fatone.

‘I think The Law Handbook is an excellent resource, not just for members of the public, but also for other lawyers. It’s certainly a document that when I’ve got a query about another area of law outside of the area that I do, I immediately read and then deal with because it’s pretty well up-to-date and written in a way that you can understand.’

Peter Lynch, Accredited Family Law & Criminal Law Specialist

For further information, please contact:

Claudia Fatone, Executive Officer, Fitzroy Legal Service
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