COVID-19 Fines

Have you gotten a fine for breaching the COVID-19 restrictions?

Fitzroy Legal Service is here to help you deal with your fine.*

We have created a SELF-HELP KIT to help you deal with your fine, including how to ask for a review if you think the fine was unfairly given or there are special reasons why you should not have to pay. 

We also have a phone advice line for those who may need extra support or assistance. Click here to see if you are eligible to use our free phone advice service.


Have a different legal or social issue related to COVID-19?
Go to our COVID-19 Resources Page for information on where to get information and help. Or see Victoria Legal Aid's COVID help page here.


*Please note, this service is not available to businesses. If your business has received a fine for breaching COVID-19 business restrictions, contact the Law Institute of Victoria who can help to connect you with legal advice. 



  • The information in these pages and sub-pages are general information - this is not legal advice.
  • The information on these pages are written to assist people who have already received a fine - they are not written to help people understand and navigate the restrictions. 
  • This information does not cover all the legal reasons for being outside of your home.

The restrictions can be found here:

The Department of Health and Human Services FAQ page can be found here:

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