Covid-19 Stay At Home Directions

In Victoria, the requirement to stay at home does not apply to someone who does not have an ordinary place of residence. 

This should mean that there is a homelessness exemption to the 'stay at home directions' and Victoria Police should not be issuing fines to the homeless community for being on the streets. 

BUT if you are homeless and have been offered a 'suitable' place to stay during COVID-19 then you can be fined for leaving that place without a valid reason. 

If you are experiencing homelessness and have received a fine or had contact with Victoria Police for breaching COVID-19 laws you can get help:

-If you live in Yarra or Darebin you can call us on (03) 9419 3744

-If you live somewhere else you can visit to make an online report or visit for help. 

The current Stay At Home Directions can be found here: