Employment Law Clinic

The Migrant Employment Law Clinic is open to people from overseas who have been underpaid or exploited in employment, including:

  • International students (500 visas)
  • People on working holidays (417 and 462 ‘backpacker’ visas)
  • Workers invited to Australia through the Temporary Skills Shortage program (TSS visas)
  • Refugee and humanitarian visa-holders.

We can assist with:

  • Recovery of unpaid wages and entitlements;
  • Advice about correct rates of pay;
  • Unpaid training;
  • Unauthorised deductions from pay;
  • Unfair dismissals and breach of general protections laws;
  • Sham contracting;
  • Workplace bullying;
  • Workplace injuries; and
  • Workplace discrimination

We cannot advise on immigration law.

If you would like assistance from the Migrant Employment Law Clinic, please attend our evening legal advice service for initial advice and consultation.