How do you request an internal review?

You can request an internal review by sending a letter to Victoria Police. You need to do this before the due date.

Your letter should include:

  • Your name, address and date of birth
  • Your infringement number
  • What grounds you are requesting a review on:
    • special circumstances
    • exceptional circumstances
    • mistake of identity
    • the fine was issued contrary to law (wrongly), or
    • you had a reasonable excuse for breaching the restrictions
  • an explanation of your circumstances or situation. This could include:
    • if you are a child or young person
    • you have an intellectual disability, acquired brain injury or cognitive impairment
    • you have a physical disability relevant to why you were fined
    • your mental health
    • if you are an alcohol or other drug user
    • experiencing homelessness
    • experiencing family violence 
  • any supporting documents or letters (like letters from a support worker, health practitioner, or other person who can help prove your reasons).

Who should I get a support letter from?

If you -

  • have an intellectual disability or mental health issue: 
    • doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist or psychiatric nurse
  • have an alcohol or drug addiction:
    • doctor, case manager, psychiatrist, psychologist, drug treatment agency, drug counsellor
  • are experiencing homelessness:
    • case worker, case manager, support agency, community service organisation
  • are a victim survivor of family violence:
    • case worker or social worker, doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist, occupational therapist, school principal or school welfare coordinator. 

What if I was providing care to someone else?

Under the Chief Health Officer's Directions it has always been legal to leave your home to provide care and support to someone:

  • who has particular needs because of age, infirmity (physical or mental weakness), disability, illness or a chronic health condition;
  • who needs assistance due to their health (including mental health or pregnancy);
  • by providing child-minding assistance if you were doing so before 5 August 2020.

If you were fined while providing care for someone else and you want to request an internal review - you should do so on the ground that you believe the fine was issued 'contrary to law'.


We have made some templates and sample letters to help you!


If you are happy with the letter, you can send it off. You must send the letter in time for it to be delivered before your due date. 

If you don't have access to a printer you can use the online form HERE. You can attach your letter as a PDF or Word document. 


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