The Law Handbook

The Law Handbook has turned 40!   We have made a video to celebrate the 2018 Edition of The Law Handbook, the 40th Edition of this iconic plain language resource.

‘If you buy one legal resource book this year, make it The Law Handbook. Lawyers rely on this book – so can you. It explains the mysteries of the legal system in simple English and empowers you to look after legal problems yourself.’

Jon Faine
Presenter of Mornings with Jon Faine
774 ABC Melbourne

The Law Handbook is your practical guide to the law in Victoria, updated by over 80 legal experts. It provides comprehensive information about the laws that affect Victorians in everyday life including tenancy, consumer protection, bankruptcy, anti-discrimination, education, family, internet, environmental, employment and many more. It is a valuable resource for many people: members of the community, community workers, students, teachers and lawyers.


The Law Handbook is available for free on The Law Handbook website. The website contains:

  • all of the content of The Law Handbook,
  • online links to legislation and cases, and
  • a searchable database of the contact details of relevant legal and non-legal services.


You can purchase a hard copy of The Law Handbook:


You can purchase an eBook version of The Law Handbook from our online store.

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