Legal services

We provide legal advice and legal representation in the following ways (click to learn more):

Important information

  • Our clients are entitled to privacy, fair treatment and a safe environment. Please see our Client Charter.
  • When you come to see us, please bring all of your documents with you. These must be in hard copy format only.
  • We have access to telephone interpreters.
  • For urgent telephone advice, call Victoria Legal Aid’s Legal Help phoneline 1300 792 387 (Monday to Friday from 8.45 a.m. to 5.15 p.m.).

The difference between ‘legal advice’ and ‘legal representation’

‘Legal advice’ means advice and information about the law that applies to your particular case or situation, including discussion of your values and goals, and recommendations about how best to achieve them. We can also draft a letter for you, but it will be written under your name. In some circumstances, we can draft court or tribunal documents for you; again, they will be written under your name. You remain responsible for your case. Our assistance ends once you leave the building (though you can return for further advice).

‘Legal representation’ means providing legal advice and we become ‘your lawyer’ for your case. We become responsible for filing documents, corresponding with the other party and going to court or tribunal with you (or arranging for a barrister to appear for you) to put forward your case.