We lead many campaigns to improve the rights of our clients and the local community using law reform, advocacy, policy development and community legal education. We strive to encourage empowerment in the community and to make individuals and organisations aware that they can influence the laws that affect them in their everyday lives.

Criminal records

A criminal record can have detrimental effects on the potential of a person’s life. We support people with criminal records by advocating for the removal of social stigma and legal discrimination associated with having a criminal record. We believe that when a person has ‘done the time’ that a criminal record should not continue to punish and limit their hopes and ambitions. We encourage positive reintegration into the community. We offer legal assistance to people with a criminal record who are experiencing discrimination. We advocate for a balanced approach to the availability of criminal record information.


A transparent and accountable police force is instrumental for maintaining a fair society that respects civil liberties. We have a long history of advocacy for police accountability and carrying out public interest casework, law reform submissions, community development and community legal education on police accountability.

Alcohol and other drugs sector

We acknowledge that criminalisation processes contribute to discriminatory and harmful outcomes for affected communities. Our advocacy strategies include:

  • promoting self-determination of affected communities,
  • promoting respect for the human rights of drug users, and
  • supporting public health approaches over punitive interventions.

We provide outreach casework services to clients accessing drug and alcohol services, community legal education, law reform advocacy and professional development to alcohol and other drugs sector workers. We strive to address the links between health, poverty, discrimination and the law.

We participate as a member of the Yarra Drug & Health Forum and work closely with Harm Reduction Victoria and Buoyancy.

Family violence work (for women and men)

We have ongoing projects in relation to family violence laws (for women and men). Our projects provide education and resources on family violence laws and referrals. We are involved with a range of local networks and agencies as part of our work in this area, and have produced resources for CALD communities, professional and health services staff, and other people in our local community to help them navigate family violence laws and services.