Templates and sample letters

To help you request a review we have made some templates and sample letters.

  • Templates are documents you can use by adding in your details.
  • Sample letters are to show you how a finished letter can look.

IMPORTANT: These are just examples of applications - they are not examples of successful applications.

Contrary to law
Contrary to law template
Contrary to law sample letter

Special circumstances
Special circumstances template
Special circumstances sample letter

Exceptional circumstances
Exceptional circumstances template
Exceptional circumstances sample letter

How do I use the templates?

  1. Read through the template carefully before changing anything
  2. Insert your name, address, date of birth, infringement number, and today's date
  3. Remove the parts that don't apply to you
  4. Add in the clauses that relate to you. Refer back to the when can we leave our homes page
  5. Read through the letter again - ask a friend or family member to read over if you can
    • Does it make sense?
    • Is there anything still highlighted in grey? 
    • Are all your details correct?
What are the bits highlighted in grey?
  • Where you need to put your details in; or
  • Where you need to choose the right information (special circumstances, exceptional circumstances, contrary to law etc) or
  • Suggestions about what you could include


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