What happens now?

Once you request an internal review your fine is placed on hold while the review is being done.

While you wait, you don't need to pay and you won't incur any late fees.

Victoria Police have 90 days to decide your application or to ask you for more information. 

If they don't reply within this time, you should talk to a lawyer. 


What if my application is successful?

If your application is successful Victoria Police can:

  1. Withdraw your fine and take no action, or
  2. Withdraw your fine and give you an official warning, or
  3. Withdraw the fine and bring a charge against you in court (see below for more information)


What if it is rejected?

If your application us rejected, Victoria Police will give you a new due date for the fine.

Your fine is still in the infringement notice stage. You can pay the fine, apply for an extension, or apply for an installment plan. There is more information on these options here.

Some people can also apply to work off the fine through the Work and Development Permit scheme (WDP). More information about this is here.

What if I still think the police were wrong?

You can write back to the police and request their written reasons for rejecting your request. 

There is one more option for review. This option is only available once the fine reaches the 'enforcement stage'. A fine reaches 'enforcement stage' if you do nothing. BUT it becomes more expensive.

You can also choose to take the case to court before the new due date. You should get advice from a lawyer before choosing to take the matter to court.

If you are considering doing nothing and waiting for the enforcement stage to request a second review please call us or your local CLC  to get advice


The police have withdrawn the fine BUT they have listed the matter in court

If the police have listed your matter for court please call us or your local CLC and get advice. 

You can find your local Community Legal Centre by putting in your postcode on this webpagehttps://www.fclc.org.au/find_a_community_legal_centre

Victoria Legal Aid has lots of helpful information about going to court here.


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