When can we leave our homes?

Because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, there are new laws about when and why we are allowed to leave our homes.

These laws are changing often and sometimes it is difficult to keep up. You may be fined even if you honestly didn't know you were breaching the restrictions - this might be a defence to the fine. 

Some good ways to keep you and your community informed are:

  • Read the "stay at home" directions on the DHHS website. 
    Scroll down past the map and you will see all the current directions (restrictions) listed.
  • Summaries of the restrictions have been translated into different languages. Click here to access them. 
  • FAQs in English can be found here.
  • Follow a trusted news source or community group on social media that is sharing news about changes in restrictions and that speaks your language.
  • If you have friends or family that have difficulties understanding or reading English, help connect them to a community group that speaks their language and can help keep them informed.

The restrictions have been changing, so if you got a fine a while ago you may need to find the restrictions that were in place at the time you were fined. The DHHS website only shows the current restrictions. If you need previous restrictions, call the COVID-19 phone line and we can help you. 


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